There is a long and rich tradition of excellence in the Department of Psychiatry is growing into one of largest clinical departments since its inception. It is rich in both clinical and research areas with current focuses on addiction, brain aging, trauma, schizophrenia, and obesity. The vision of the Department of Psychiatry is to become a leading academic institution in providing exceptional clinical care, conducting neuroscience research, elaborating community mental health issues, and training outstanding clinicians. We welcome you to visit our website and view our tradition of excellence that has kept us at the frontiers of medicine and become the "best of the best" departments of psychiatry in the world.

Four-year outcomes of child and adolescent anxiety disorders and Triggers of behaviour In a follow-up study of child/adolescent patients treated for an anxiety disorder, there were relatively high rates of recurrence and chronicity. Three hundred nineteen youth, origina…
Welcome to Dubai @ Psychiatry Meet 2018,

ME conference  takes  colossal delight and feels regarded in welcoming the benefactors over the world to "30th International Conference on Psychiatry & Mental Health (Psychiatry meet 2018)" to be held during October 11-12, 2018, Dubai, U.A.E. Our conference will be organized under the theme “Achieving mental wellness by understanding human mind."

Psychiatry Meet 2018, consist the tracks of Psychiatry and Mental health, Adolescent Psychiatry, Cortical Development in Psychiatry, Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychiatry Disorders or Psychological Syndrome, Abnormal and Developmental Psychology, Psychosis-Medication, Counselling and Early Intervention, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Women Mental Health and Illness, Neuro Psychology,Neuro Pharmacology and Neuro Chemistry, Social Neuroscience- Neuro imaging and Neuroplasticity,The Impact of Mental Illness on Society,Mental Health and Rehabilitation, Advanced Th…